Tamir Fishman was founded in 1997 by Eldad Tamir and Dani Fishman and over the years has become one of the leading investment houses in Israel, gaining experience and an excellent reputation both in Israel and abroad

Tamir Fishman currently offers a full range of capital market services, including the management of mutual funds, investment portfolios, hedge funds and venture capital funds, family capital management, and long-term savings as well as investment banking. The company’s clients include international investors, publicly traded companies and individual investors

Mutual Funds

Tamir Fishman Mutual Funds manages different funds that enable investors to find the investment track that best suits their goals. Our investment philosophy is simple and in line with our values. We believe appropriate returns can be achieved only with a long term approach and a responsible culture, which includes in-depth analysis, proper diversity, in-depth discussions, high level of involvement, and accountability

Alternative Investment Management – Supplementary Investment Instruments

Tamir Fishman manages several venture capital funds that have played a major role in the development of leading Israeli high-tech companies, some with a high profile such as Chromatis, Radware, Voltaire, Allot, Coppergate, Native Networks, and Modem-Art. In addition, Tamir Fishman manages the Tamir Fishman Opportunity hedge fund

Pension Insurance Agency

As life expectancy has risen, so has the importance of planning our future. Our goal is to help clients plan and select long-term savings plans, in preparation for many years of retirement. What was once the domain of the ultra-rich is now available to us all, thanks to the accessibility of digital data. We will help you conduct a comprehensive examination of your resources and needs, compare them with your current retirement savings, and build the savings plan that is best for you. We will not sell you our products, but rather render a service such that if you choose to be one of our clients, you will benefit from our reputation, professionalism, and objectivity.

Investment Banking Window to Wall Street

This is our bridge to companies interested in joining the world of the major players. We offer you access to public or private offerings, bond issues, and advisory in acquisitions or sale of your company, all coordinated with our business partner: Piper Jaffray. Tamir Fishman has a long, respectable record in investment banking, including involvement in dozens of mammoth deals in the American markets and rounds of capital raising for Israeli companies, totaling over $5 billion. These companies include Allot, Checkpoint, NDS, Nice, Solel, and many more

Tamir Fishman Digital – FINQ

We can’t say much yet, but it’s a real revolution in the investment world. We create/build new online technology to connect the needs of people to their actual financial needs



Tamir Fishman – Montefiore 42, Tel Aviv – Phone: 03-6849380